Oregon Senate Staffers Visit 41st at Fort Stewart
Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden of Oregon sent their staffers to visit the 41st Brigade Combat Team at Fort Stewart, May 15. Lieutenant Colonel Ed Larkin, Congressional escort; Isaiah Akin, Military Legislative Assistant to Senator Ron Wyden; Col. Dan Hokanson, 41st IBCT Infantry Brigade Combat Team commander; Will White, Military Legislative Assistant to Senator Jeff Merkley; Maj. (P) Pete Derouin, Army Congressional Fellow, to Senator Ron Wyden.

<b> FORT STEWART, Ga. </b> Aca,!" The Senators from Oregon sent their staff to check the living conditions, training support, and overall morale of the nearly 3,000 Oregon National Guard Soldiers conducting post-mobilization training at Fort Stewart, May 15.

"There are little things, like every place, but they are really good about fixing them," Col. Dan Hokanson said about the 41st Brigade Combat Team's living conditions.

They took great interest walking through barracks, inspecting the dining facility, and making sure that the latrine and shower facilities were sufficient for the troops. The report back to the state of Oregon needs to be thorough. Washington will want to know how National Guard Soldiers are treated when coming on Title Ten and under the structure of the federal government.

"They get everything you'll see in regular DFACs, and it's all name- brand stuff," said Cornelius Williams of DOL Food Services. "The staff takes excellent care of these Soldiers, and they can take snacks out of the dining facility for later."

The support from the Georgia Garrison Training Center, the 188th Infantry Brigade Logistic Support Battalion, and multiple contractors from Fort Stewart are supplying the 41st IBCT with climate controlled administrative and living quarters, washers and dryers, and over 100 computers for an education lab.

Although the entourage did not visit any of the ranges due to time constraints, they did attend a briefing concerning the training.

"We have spent a great deal of time learning about Iraq," said Col. George Geczy, commander 188th Inf. Bde., training support. The trainers on the lanes have the most current information from Iraq.

The staff visitors were joined by Brig. Gen. Blake Williams, Deputy Commanding General of First Army Division East, and Brig. Gen. Thomas Vandal, 3rd Infantry Division DCG of Support. Both appeared pleased with the reports from both Col. Hokanson and Col. Geczy that a clear partnership and collaborative effort is being taken to train, maintain, and even entertain the Soldiers of the 41st IBCT.

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