rural primary school in Shubaykah attend school in less-than-ideal conditions. The 52
students who attend school are using outdated textbooks and suffer from a shortage of
necessary supplies, like pencils, paper and notebooks.

Iraqi Army soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 15th IA Brigade, with assistance from
Soldiers of 4th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st
Cavalry Division, came to the village school to offer a hand in the form of supplemental
school supplies and medical screening for the children. It was the first visit to
Shubaykah by IA or Coalition forces in nearly four years.

1st Lt. Christopher Minter, a platoon leader with Troop C, 4th Sqdn., 9th Cav.
Regt., met with village leaders to address the poor condition of the school. No timetable
was set, but the unit was able to gather information on the building's needs and offer
advice on what the squadron could offer for renovation.

Meanwhile, 15th IA and Troop C medics set up a health screening station in the

Lt. Uday Saddam, an IA medic with 15th IA, screened children and distributed
medicines to parents for a wide range of ailments.
"It is a great feeling to come and help [Shubaykah residents] by doing these
medical screenings," Saddam said.

Saddam said it was important for the Iraqi people to see Iraqi Security and
Coalition forces working together, and that the combined visit to the school helps Iraqi
children build trust in the IA and U.S. forces and reduce fears they may have.

"When the Iraqi people see Iraqi and U.S. forces working together, it builds

their confidence in the Government of Iraq," Saddam explained.

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