Red Cloud PBC celebrates Military Spouse Appreciation Month
Command Sgt. Maj. Earlene Lavender, USAG-RC Command Sgt. Maj., addresses Spouses and dependents in the USAG-Red Cloud Pear Blossom Cottage May 8 during the Military Spouse Appreciation Month Luncheon. "I think sometimes we take military spouses for granted and we assume they will be there for us," Lavender said. "When we refer to our spouses as our better half, we mean it takes two halves to make a whole. You spouses are the whole part that makes the Army today, and I want to thank each and ever one of you for what you do. On behalf of Col. Larry 'Pepper' Jackson, USAG-RC commander, I want to say, you are our future and our dreams. Future meaning 30 minutes from now, an hour from now, next month or next year. That is the future. Dreams are where we want to go together. You are the dreams of the future of what this PBC is going to be like in the near and far future. You are truly the ones that make things happen."

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