RED CLOUD GARRISON, South Korea -- The third week of April was a benchmark for U.S. Army Garrison-Red Cloud's Directorate of Logistics. That is when the Department of the Army announced they had awarded Red Cloud DOL the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence.

"This award is given to the best large maintenance facility in all of the Army's Installation Management Command around the world," said Lou Scott, USAG-RC DOL director. "We were selected in the semifinal round with Fort Bragg, N.C. and Fort Hood, Texas. Here we are, little USAG-Red Cloud competing with the largest Army installations in the world."

Awards are given in three categories: large, medium and small, Scott explained. Inspectors from the Secretary of the Army came to visit Red Cloud's DOL maintenance shops to see for themselves if the shops really were as described in their entry packet, which was submitted much earlier.

"They had already inspected Forts Hood and Bragg before they came here," Scott said. "We had no idea we were competing with those forts, but we did know we were competing with the largest in the world."

Because of the competition with the largest installations in the world, it is very remarkable Red Cloud could be selected as the best in the world, Scott explained.

"That is why this is such an accomplishment," Scott said. "Because when you look at it, Bragg is notorious for winning the AAME year after year."

Another remarkable fact is this is the first time USAG-Red Cloud has competed for the AAME.

"This is a big deal for us," Scott said. "When you look at our facilities, we don't have the best looking facilities or new facilities simply because we don't have new construction money. What we do have is good processes in place, and the proof is in the Command Inspection Program we had in February this year. We were awarded with 19 commendable service awards for 23 functions."

"This was a team effort," said Han, Il Hyun, USAG-RC DOL chief of maintenance. "Everybody contributed to make this happen."

Entering to compete for the AAME is a process beginning long before the actual judging of facilities, Han explained. First, he had to put together a portfolio or unit profile packet.

"The process begins with the submission of this profile," Han said. "It is submitted first to IMCOM-Korea, then it goes to IMCOM Headquarters and from there it goes to the Chief of Staff of the Army in Washington D.C."

The packet contains a description of how the unit operates and is mandated by Army Regulation 750-1.

"This is an annual competition hosted by the Chief of Staff of the Army to select the best maintenance operation in the U.S. Army," Han said. "When inspectors showed up to examine Red Cloud's maintenance operations, they examined everything having to do with a maintenance facility, including supply operations, which include providing repair parts not only for vehicle repair services, but for generator repair, heavy earth moving equipment repair, and large vehicle repair such as busses."

Red Cloud's DOL maintenance facility also services heavy equipment the Directorate of Public Works uses: road graders and bull dozers, and other heavy construction equipment.

"What makes us special is we are really what and who we say we are," said Kaye Cabbagestalk, USAG-RC DOL chief of plans and operations. "The track record leading to the award is impeccable. All the commendable awards given to our team were included in our packet. It was a combination of all our efforts given by our superior maintenance team, their team spirit and pride that won the award."

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