Soldiers make training fun
Staff Sgt. James Gladden of Headquarters Headquarters Company 35th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade falls to the ground after spinning his head around on a plastic bat, probably the most popular event of the entire fun day of activities the brigade put together on May 7, 2009.

FORT GORDON, Ga.--(May 13, 2009) The first Fun Day physical training competition of the year was held on May 7 by the 35th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company.

Soldiers of the 35th TTSB HHC were split up into 10 teams to participate in a variety of exercises and events which included running and tests of endurance and skill. Each event was timed and points were awarded for the team with the fastest time.

The concept of the Fun Day was to have a change of pace from regular PT and allow Soldiers to compete in numerous physical events. Each event was designed so every Soldier was able to participate regardless if they were on profile or not.

From the beginning, the highly motivated Soldiers were all smiles during each event as they cheered their teammates on. As the day progressed, their bodies became weary, but their competitive spirits stayed strong.

The exercises included pushups, iron mikes, jump rope, log carry, a relay race, pull-ups, group sit-ups and dizzy bat races, which seemed to be the favorite event. The Soldiers enjoyed seeing officers and sergeants spin their heads on a bat and try to run to a cone and back. Smiles were on everyone's faces as Soldiers looked dazed and confused while tumbling to the ground.

At the end of the Fun Day, it was not important who won, but that everyone enjoyed themselves. Even though the Soldiers were competing against each other, the team building events strengthened their bond and reinforced 35th TTSB HHC's motto of "one team."

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