COLUMBIA, S.C. - Members of the 207th Regional Support Group visited the mayor's office to formally receive a signed proclamation of The Year of The NCO, which highlights noncommissioned officers' contributions throughout American military history.

"I think The Year of The NCO is very important," said Columbia Mayor Robert D. Coble. "Along with the families and spouses, the NCOs make up the heart and soul of the Army."

The relationship of NCOs with other members of the military family has been critical in the successful top to bottom shift of the 2005 base realignment and closure that has caused Fort Jackson to grow, said Coble.

"It was nice to be able to meet the mayor and represent my command," said Master Sgt. Eric Boles, a chief administrator for the 207th RSG. "I've been with the unit since January, and the NCOs I've met so far have been very outstanding."

Although NCOs seem to come and go - to and from - reserve units more so than active components they are still instrumental in our fight to stay Army Strong, said Boles.

There are a lot of up and coming NCOs we expect to serve our command and the Army with great leadership, he said.

One such Soldier, Sgt. Darius Taylor, fits that description. He's been deployed to Kuwait with the 310th Personnel Group and now calls the 207th RSG home where he works as a supply sergeant.

"When I first entered service over eight years ago it seemed NCOs got more respect than they do today," said Taylor. "It's still a strong corps ... we need to keep doing the right thing and lead enlisted and officers in the right direction."

"In the process of providing solid leadership I hope to see the respect level grow throughout the Army," he said. "You've got to appreciate all the hard work NCOs put forward in providing training at battle assembly and making mission success stories in Iraq and Afghanistan."

The proclamation from the mayor's office does just that. It places emphasis on the successes of a free nation due to the contributions NCOs have made since 1775.

Soldiers who wear the chevrons and rockers now know there's one more place in America that shows great respect for who they are and where they've been.

The 207th RSG is one of the subordinate brigades of the 143rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), an Army Reserve command headquartered in Orlando, Fla. The 207th RSG is headquartered at Fort Jackson, S.C.

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