Soldiers earn money in trivia challenge
(from left to right) Steve Nicol and teammate Douglas Boltuc raise their fists in the air in triumph as they answer the last question correctly marking themselves as the champions of the Unit Trivia Challenge competition at USAG-Casey Gateway Club, April 23. Nicol and Boltuc went undefeated throughout the night and showed excellent teamwork and extensive knowledge in the sports category, one of the seven categories offered for the competition.

CASEY GARRISON - In observance of prostitution and human trafficking abatement weekend, Warrior Country Soldiers participated in a trivia game held in Casey's Gateway Club, April 25.

Teams placing first, second, and third in the event were awarded $500, $300 and $150 for their unit funds. Trivia Challenge is a double elimination event where each two man team representing their unit competes against another team in an 11 question trivia game.

Competitors have the choice of answering questions from seven different categories: famous people, world cities, military and world history, sports, military customs and courtesies, Korean culture, and movies and music.

The answers were given in multiple choice form and the competitors used a buzzer when they were ready to answer the question. If the team answered the question correctly, they were given control of the board to pick the next topic.

"During the last two matches we lost," said Brian Dammeyer, a team member with Michael Yurovich, who finished third. "The other teams found a subject they excelled in and continued to play to their strengths during the entire match, so we lost because we had no control over the board in those games."

"Like anything it's always a hit and miss," Yurovich said. "There are categories you know and there are some you don't, so you have to play to your strengths." Playing to their strengths was what Steve Nicol and his partner Douglas Boltuc did the entire night. Nicol came to the unit trivia challenge last year and won the event, but he lost the partner he had last year and needed a new one for this year's competition.

Nicol drives for his squadron's commander and needing a partner, he decided to ask his boss, Boltuc, to come out to the event and compete. The teamwork and chemistry between the two was a good match.

They showed their strength with extensive knowledge in the sports category, firing off answers before hearing all the choices. Opponents found themselves at a loss by not buzzing the moderator, Ron Fortin, USAG-Red Cloud Community Relations Director and host of the event, in time to answer before Nicol and Boltuc.

"I am really going to surprise everyone with this decision and go for a question from sports," Nicol said at one point after answering the third question from the sports category.

Most teams knew what they would do with their winnings for their unit; with future events planned they were competing for extra money to make the events better.

"Our unit has the Signal Ball on Saturday (May 1) so we are going to use the money to help with the event," Yurovich said. "Last year we used the money my partner and I earned from the trivia challenge to send all of the Soldiers in our unit to a Korean baseball game," Nicol said.

"A lot of good came from it, and since I won the competition, I figured I had to come back this year to defend my title and give Soldiers another opportunity to experience Korean culture and send them to another baseball game."

"I think FMWR should offer more events like this," Nicol added. "It was a great way to get Soldiers out of the barracks and exercise their brains."

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