BAGHDAD - The Baghdad district of Abu Ghraib continues to improve in civil capacity with the help of the local government and Multi-National Division - Baghdad Soldiers.

Over the past year dozens of projects, to include a new market, electric power lines, water purification systems, trash collection, and school renovations designed to improve the lives of Abu Ghraib's citizens were begun and lately have been coming to completion.

The government leaders of Abu Ghraib and leaders serving with the 2nd Battalion, 112th Infantry Regiment "Paxton Rangers," 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, MND-B conducted a public ceremony for the opening of the Abu Ghraib Civil Defense Directorate and Fire Station May 7 inside the CDD compound.

The project cost over $219 thousand for the building structure and about $219 thousand for equipment.

Many members of the local government participated in the ceremony, including the District Chairman Kamel Abbas and the Abu Ghraib Mayor Shakir Fiza. They were joined by local civic leaders, representatives from the local Sheik's Council and were honored by the appearance of representatives from the Government of Iraq in Baghdad.

Hussain Al Timimi from the Supporting Council, a group of influential Sheiks recognized by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and General Waheed Al-Sultan from the Baghdad Civil Defense Directorate came to show their support for the recent improvements to the area.

"This project is a gift from the Coalition forces and the Government of the United States to the great, great people of the Abu Ghraib Qada," said Col. Joseph Martin, commander, 2nd HBCT, who hails from Dearborn, Mich. "It is my honor to be a part of this building and many other projects that are ongoing as a result of the increased and improved security here."

The guests were given a tour of the facilities, a display of some of the equipment purchased, and a traditional Iraqi lunch.

"This is clearly a win for the entire community. It is a physical example of the cooperation between the Iraqi government and the Coalition forces," said Central, Pa. native Lt. Col. Samuel Hayes III, commander, "Paxton Rangers." "The new facility and equipment is an enduring legacy of solid partnership focused on providing safety and security for all of the citizens in Abu Ghraib."

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