BAGHDAD - Across Iraq, Coalition forces and Iraqi Security Forces are aggressively changing their missions to implement the new security agreement guidelines.

With this as their focus, the senior leaders of the Karkh Patrol Directorate Iraqi Police and Police Transition Team partners of the 93rd Military Police "War Eagle" Battalion, 8th MP "Watchdog" Brigade, Multi-National Division - Baghdad, conducted face-to-face talks, May 5, to discuss the future of the Iraqi Police and their security responsibilities to their communities, their government, and the future of their country.

"I hesitate to talk about the future before it's here, but I'm very optimistic," said Col. Mu'ayid, Karkh Patrol Directorate commander.

Mu'ayid supervises more than 200 officers and over 7,500 Iraq Police, throughout 15 Iraqi Police stations on the western side of the Tigris River in Baghdad.

This was the second meeting for many of the Iraqi Police and their partners of the "War Eagle" Battalion, based out of Fort Bliss, Texas. The purpose of the meetings, according to Lt. Col Thomas Byrd, commander, 93rd MP Bn., 8th MP Bde., MND - B, and a native of Marion, Ohio, is to further discuss issues and concerns that we all may need to address.

Byrd and his PTT teams are slated to work with local Iraqi Police officials of the traffic and patrol sectors, as well as working with the Iraqi National Police in an effort to continue their partnership to ensure a safe and secure Iraq. After each department is engaged by the battalion over the next month, an all-inclusive conference will be scheduled.

"Normally, I 'm working with these officers on the streets of Baghdad," said 1st Lt. Brian Celatka, the Karkh Patrol Directorate PTT officer-in-charge. "But today, it's nice to share information, discuss policing and build upon already strong relationships."

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