MONS, Belgium - Sgt. Timothy Strick said "I do" to his bride three years ago. Today, on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, he belted out an affirmative I do again when asked if he appreciates all his wife does for him.

The couple arrived in Belgium in August of last year, and ever since, Strick has supported the local communities and represented USAG Benelux as a member of the color guard. On May 8, Strick donned his beret again to honor the Belgian Soldiers of the 5th Fusiliers Battalion who fought with the First U.S. Army in the Battle of the Bulge 65 years ago.

As he tucked in his ascot, his wife Robyn inspected his uniform and gave him the approving nod. Robyn has attended four ceremonies with her husband, including the morning event in Mons, a trip to Normandy and the 64th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne.

At the events, she makes sure her husband's uniform is squared away, straightens his tie and helps the Soldiers case the colors, when they need it. "That's what I'm here for," she said.

Jillian Lynch, another Army wife, was also at the Victory in Europe Day event in Mons. She has been married to Sgt. Michael Lynch for four months and just moved to Belgium in March. After the ceremony, she and her husband talked to two Belgian veterans who helped liberate Bastogne in 1944.

"I think it's neat to see. We support our husbands," she said, while affectionately holding Michael's hand. "I think it's nice to be supported," he said.

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