Today, the Army announced the details of its proposed budget request for fiscal (FY) 2010. The FY2010 budget request is $142.1 billion. In addition, the Army requests $83.1billion in FY2010 to support ongoing Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO).

The request represents a growth of $2 billion from the FY2009 enacted budget of $140.1billion. The proposal will fully fund the All-Volunteer Force at accelerated Grow-the-Army levels: 547,400 for the active component, 358,200 for the Army National Guard and 205,000 for the U.S. Army Reserve. The budget request demonstrates the Army's commitment to Soldiers and Families by funding $1.7 billion in Family programs, completing the construction of Warrior in Transition complexes included in the Army Medical Action Plan, and privatizing more than 2,000 houses through the Residential Communities Initiative.

"The Army's commitment to our Soldiers, their Families and to our Civilian workforce is realized in this budget request, at a time when their commitment and service to our nation has never been more important to our future," said Army Secretary Pete Geren.

Although stressed by nearly eight years of war, the Army is a combat-seasoned, resilient, professional force-the best in the world. But the continuous years of combat have pushed the Army out of balance, straining its ability to sustain the All-Volunteer Force and maintain strategic depth. The proposed budget enables the Army to move toward achieving balance with a goal of improving the ratio of deployment to home-station dwell time for all components, and allowing Soldiers and Families the opportunity to reset and train for a full range of missions.

"This budget request keeps us on track to achieve balance by 2011. With Congress' support, we will be able to do that as we continuously adapt to the demands of an ever-changing security environment. We are committed to applying the lessons we've learned in today's fight to continue our transformation toward a more versatile force for the 21st century," said Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr.

The budget proposal allows the Army to adapt to changing missions in the war, building skills inside agile, mobile units needed in today's war fight while continuing to develop Brigade Combat Team modernization that will build the Army that the nation needs for the future. The proposal funds Base Realignment and Closure projects to maintain momentum within legislated deadlines, while supporting Army growth and Global Defense Posture Realignment.

In this budget the Army will continue to demonstrate positive progress in Acquisition transformation, energy and environmental achievements, and institutional adaptation.

The OCO budget requests $83.1 billion for continued support of military operations and force protection in Iraq and Afghanistan, resetting the force, and programs for which the Army is the executive agent, including the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund, Joint IED Defeat Fund, and the new Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund.

The Army's imperatives will continue to focus available resources toward common objectives necessary to ensure that the Army is trained and ready for full-spectrum mission support in defense of the nation and for civil support.

Aca,!Ac The proposal sustains the All-Volunteer Force, our first priority.
Aca,!Ac The budget request, along with funds requested in the OCO budget, allows the Army to prepare Soldiers and units for success in the current conflict.
Aca,!Ac Reset of both the force and equipment is provided for in both the base and OCO budget proposals.
Aca,!Ac The Army will continue to transform to meet the security demands of the 21st century.

Key aspects of the Army's budget proposal are contained in the FY2010 President's Budget Highlights. More information and the entire fiscal 2010 budget proposal will be available soon on

FY2010 Army Budget Priorities:

Aca,!Ac Grow and sustain the All-Volunteer Force
Aca,!Ac Station the Force to meet strategic demands by providing infrastructure and services
Aca,!Ac Train and equip Soldiers and units to maintain a high level of readiness for current operations
Aca,!Ac Provide effective and efficient support to combatant commanders
Aca,!Ac Reset our Soldiers, units, and equipment for future deployments and other contingencies
Aca,!Ac Transform the Army to meet the demands in a changing security environment
Aca,!Ac Modernize the force

For more information, please contact the Army Public Affairs Media Relations Division at: 703-697-7591/5344.

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