Spec. Moriah Kimble is NCO of the future
Spec. Moriah Kimble prepared slides for use in the pathology lab at Ireland Army Community Hospital by dipping the slides in three chemicals.

Staring at slides under a microscope while working the late night shift in the pathology department at Fort Knox's Ireland Army Community Hospital may not seem like the most glamorous of jobs. But one person isn't complaining.

"I like my job," said Spc. Moriah Kimble, with a touch of pride in her voice. "I really do enjoy it. You see some really interesting things that not a lot of people in the world will ever see. It's an interesting field."

Kimble, 31, is no stranger to Army life. Born and raised mostly in the Marquette, Mich., area, she also spent some time in Alabama. Kimble has evolved from Army brat, to Army spouse, to Soldier.

Her husband, Jeremy, a former NCO, as well as her children, are all supportive of her.

"(My husband) still thinks he's an NCO and he pushes me a lot," Kimble explained. "He's real supportive."

Unlike most Soldiers today, Kimble didn't graduate from high school and then join the military-she went to college first, earning an associate degree in medical assisting. She became interested in the field from her mother who was a veterinarian tech and her mother-in-law who worked as a laboratory tech. She told her recruiter that she wanted either to be a vet tech or a lab tech.

Kimble is working on earning her bachelor's degree. Her ultimate goal is to teach math and science to middle school students.

Last October she also reenlisted for three more years of service and, with an impending promotion to a position as corporeal, Kimble is thrilled.
"It's exciting. I've been working really hard to try and get promoted and I guess people noticed," she said.

Her supervisors at the hospital lab have definitely noticed.

"She's got very good potential with room to grow, and she's a very hard worker," said Sgt. 1st Class Tarquennis Payne. He pointed out that he can trust Kimble and count on her to get the work done in the lab with minimal to no supervision during late night hours.

Kimble is appreciative and thankful for all of the NCOs who surround her and the support they provide. Most of the same NCOs have been with her since she began her job in the lab. They have helped her determine what makes a good leader.

"Knowledge is key. To be a good leader you need to know what you're doing, you need to know your Soldiers, and you need to know your mission. But at the same time you have to be flexible. It takes so much to be a good leader, especially in the Army," she said.

She added that integrity is also a very important trait for a good leader to possess.

Kimble completed the Warrior Leader Course in 2007, has been before the promotion board, is awaiting promotion, and is ready for the next step.

"It's definitely been an exciting adventure for me and my family," she said. "I'll be here as long as I can give 100 percent to the Army."

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