Army wins prestigious awards
Lt. Gen. James Pillsbury, AMC deputy commanding general <i>(back row in uniform)</i>, and Ronald Davis Jr.,<i>(back row, far left),</i> Army Standardization executive, presented notes and a coin to Army teams and one individual who won awards from the OSD-Defense Standardization Program Office in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the DoD for fiscal year 2008. <i>(Front row l to r)</i> Richard Squillacioti (ARL); Francis Flynn (LOGSA PSCC); Dr. Dennis Helfritch (ARL); Ann Podrasky (LOGSA PSCC); Joseph Wolak (LOGSA PSCC); Michelle Bassett (AMRDEC) <i>Second row l to r)</i> Timothy Keller (DLA); Thomas Kozlowski (LOGSA PSCC); Kenneth Hill (LOGSA PSCC) <i>Back row l to r)</i> Davis; Pillsbury; Victor Champagne (ARL); John Madak (AMRDEC); Lorilee Crisp (AMRDEC); Dave Robie (AMRDEC); Luis Garcia-Baco (AMC).

Since 1987, the Defense Standardization Program Office has recognized individuals and organizations that have effected significant improvement in quality, reliability, readiness, cost reduction, and interoperability through standardization.

The Defense Standardization Program's mission is to identify, influence, develop, manage, and provide access to standardization processes, products and services for warfighters and the acquisition and logistics communities. The program also promotes interoperability and assists in reducing total ownership cost and sustaining readiness.

Team winners include the Joint U.S. Army/Defense Logistics Agency Team, which coordinated the reinstatement of the MIL-STD-147 palletized unit loads standard. This standard covers the methods, materials, and techniques employed for palletized unit loads of military supply. Members of that team include: Thomas Kozlowski, Kenneth Hill, Timothy Keller, Ann Podrasky, and Joseph Wolak.

The Army team at the Army Research Laboratory led an international effort to develop a manufacturing process known as Aca,!A"Cold SprayAca,!A? and the accompanying Manufacturing Process Standard, MIL-STD-3021, entitled Materials Deposition, Cold Spray. Cold Spray will allow the reclamation of existing parts during overhaul and repair. Studies conducted by the army and its partners show that with a small investment, the Army will recover millions of dollars in cost avoidance savings not having to purchase new parts. Team members are Richard Squillacioti, Dr. Dennis Helfritch, and Victor Champagne.

David Christy, AMRDEC, the Army member of a Navy-led joint service, Coast Guard and Defense Contract Management Agency team worked together in standardizing the reporting process for all services in the Joint Deficiency Reporting System. The team integrated each services system into a web-based, workflow driven application, with a shared relational database. JDRS now provides full deficiency report processing. The payoff is improved performance, safety, reliability, qualify, sustainability, interoperability, and a substantial cost savings.

The Army ceremony followed an awards presentation on March 12, 2009, in the PentagonAca,!a,,cs Hall of Heroes conducted by Alan Estevez, principal assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness.

Additional information related to these awards and recipients from other services is available in the following news release:'releaseid=12553.

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