The first Army Female Chaplain Recruitment and Retention Conference was held on Feb 23-27 in San Antonio, TX. The purpose was to affirm, to celebrate, to network and to encourage women in uniform and in ministry. It was a call for additional qualified female chaplains to care for the spiritual needs of the Soldier. Presently, female chaplains are severely under-represented in the Army, comprising about 4 percent of the Chaplaincy, whereas approximately 17 percent of the Army is female.

Rachel Coggins, one of the attendees, is an active PWOC member and an Army Reserve Chaplain. Married to an active duty chaplain, she combines dedication to family with dedication to a God called ministry to Soldiers. She says, "There is a huge need for chaplains in the Army Reserve. As a reserve chaplain it is possible to answer God's call to a professional ministry career while moving with an active duty spouse."

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