Relocation Program Eases Minds of TACOM Employees Facing BRAC
Defense National Relocation Program program manager David Gage briefs TACOM Life Cycle Management Command Rock Island employees on Feb. 25, 2009. A BRAC 2005 recommendation moves TACOM Rock Island's 1,200 jobs to Detroit Arsenal, Warren, Mich.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill., - For TACOM Life Cycle Management Command employees affected by an upcoming BRAC move, learning of a program that will relieve them of the burden of selling their homes eased their minds during information sessions held here Feb. 24 and 25.

The Defense National Relocation Program helps relocating employees and can be an alternative to the permanent change of station reimbursement process, said David Gage, DNRP program manager, U.S. Army Engineer District, Baltimore.

"What do the death of a loved one, divorce and moving have in common' Stress," he said

Gage explained to employees that they are automatically qualified for the program because they are affected by the 2005 BRAC recommendation that moves TACOM Rock Island's 1,200 jobs to Detroit Arsenal, Warren, Mich.

"The DNRP is available to facilitate the disposition of your home here and help you find housing at your new location," Gage said.

A highlight of the program, Guaranteed Home Sale, helps employees sell their homes for the appraised value, said Gage. This process starts with marketing the home. "This is the most important element in getting top dollar for your property," said Gage.

After a employees sign up for the DNRP's services, relocation counselors help them find qualified listing agents and appraisers to help price their homes realistically.

Gage noted that a cash bonus incentive payment, called Home Marketing Incentive Payment, can be available to employees who successfully market their homes and sell them within 60 days.

"This is win-win because the employee makes more money and the government saves money by not being required to buy your home," Gage said.

A home must be on the market for 60 days before a DNRP relocation contractor can make a guaranteed offer to purchase it at the appraised value, Gage said. The relocation contractor's offer equals the average of two appraisals on the home.

"This is a guaranteed safety net. You can be free and clear of your property," said Gage.

An employee may accept an appraised value offer at any time during a 60 day acceptance period.

"I am relieved to know this option is available to me. I feel that I got the information I need and I'm very pleased," said Linda Stark, TACOM employee.

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