TSGLI helps Soldiers and Families
All Soldiers with SGLI are automatically covered for TSGLI, regardless of where or when their injury occurs


TSGLI- Helping Heroes in Times of Need

Soldiers serve our nation heroically during times of great need-but what happens when they have great needs because of a traumatic injury'

Traumatic Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (TSGLI) helps severely injured Soldiers through their time of need with a one-time payment. The amount varies depending on the injury, but it could be the difference that allows their family to be with them during recovery; helps them with unforeseen expenses; or gives them a financial head start on life after recovery.

TSGLI is an insurance program. It is bundled with Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and an additional $1 has been added to the Soldier's SGLI premium to cover TSGLI.

TSGLI is not meant to serve as an ongoing income replacement like some types of insurance-it's there to help the Soldier through the tough times that occur as the result of a traumatic injury.

Soldiers who incurred a qualifying traumatic injury may be eligible for TSGLI benefits. For more specific eligibility requirements, including information on retroactive eligibility, please visit the eligibility section.

After 1 December 2005, all soldiers who are covered by SGLI are eligible for TSGLI coverage, regardless of where their qualifying traumatic injury occurred, however TSGLI claims require approval. Some parts of the claim form can only be completed by a healthcare provider. In addition, claim forms must be accompanied by documentation that supports the healthcare provider's evaluation of the Soldier's injury(ies). For specific eligibility information, please see the eligibility section. If you would like to submit a claim, download a Claim Form (8 December 2008). For specific information about the claims process, please see claim instructions.

Based on findings from a review conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), more servicemembers may now qualify for Traumatic Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (TSGLI), because of newly expanded benefits. The purpose of the review was to ascertain whether improvements could be made to the TSGLI program that would allow more servicemembers to benefit from it. As a result, the TSGLI Schedule of Losses was simplified, making it more usable for each branch of service and allowing for easier interpretation by the general public. Existing TSGLI qualifying loss definitions on the schedule, such as those for burns, sight and amputations were expanded and additional qualifying losses including uniplegia, limb salvage and facial reconstruction, were added. Click to view the updated TSGLI Schedule of Losses.

As of 26 November 2008 TSGLI has received the implementation guidance from the VA and is currently processing claims that include the expanded benefits. Click here for implementation guidance


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