Fort Jackson's senior military and civilian leaders reviewed the installation's campaign plan during an offsite at Riverbanks Zoo Jan. 29.

The group of 70 included representatives from all units and organizations as well as 14 spouses.
"We are working really hard across the installation to make sure that everybody is included," said Brig. Gen. Bradley May, Fort Jackson commanding general. "Whether you're a Soldier, civilian or family member, it doesn't matter. Everybody's on the team."

The campaign plan is a strategic document that outlines ways to improve Fort Jackson. It centers around three lines of operation: training, quality of life and support and sustainability.
Mike Ryan, the installation's strategic planner, pointed out that the plan does not focus solely on the Basic Combat Training mission, but encompasses everybody on post.

"We purposely say 'Fort Jackson' on the plan, because we have a holistic approach," he said.
The leaders were briefed on the progress of the campaign plan before getting together in groups to discuss the 43 objectives that fall under the lines of operation.

"The campaign plan is about 50 percent complete," Ryan said, projecting the plan to be finalized this spring.

Participants also reviewed the vision statement, which was first unveiled in December, the mission statement and the standing intent.

"We wanted to come up with something that is clear, concise and succinct -- something that would resonate and have a good chance for people to remember it," May said.

Although there is no hierarchy in the three lines of operation, May emphasized the importance of improving the quality of life on Fort Jackson.

"We have a moral responsibility, in my view, to fight for the resources we need to provide the highest possible quality of life," he said.

In addition to reviewing the campaign plan, the intent of the offsite was to continue to build professional and personal relationships among all senior leaders on post, Ryan said. To achieve this, attendees participated in team-building exercises.

"Our goal is to work as a team, so we can make Fort Jackson the best place we can make it," May said.

The offsite was not a one-time event. Ryan said that plans are in place to conduct senior leader training forums quarterly.

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