The Headquarters Department of the Army 2008 Antiterrorism Program Awards were presented at this year's HQDA Antiterrorism Conference conducted from Jan. 26 through Jan. 30, 2009 in Orlando, Fla.

Red River Army Depot received honors as the runner-up for the "Best Antiterrorism Program for Fixed Installations" Award. Red River Army Depot was recognized for exceptional execution of a Command-driven Antiterrorism Program led by Bill Pass, Antiterrorism Program manager.

Antiterrorism is the Army's defensive component of combating terrorism. RRAD's Antiterrorism Program emphasizes risk management, planning, training and exercises, resource generation, comprehensive program reviews, and random AT measures. Much of the work involves direct coordination with Antiterrorism partners in law enforcement, physical security, access control, intelligence, information operations, and other related fields.

Two winners were selected in each of the following categories based on their achievements in areas of antiterrorism and force protection.
1. Best Antiterrorism Program - Fort Hood; Red River Army Depot
2. Best Antiterrorism Program Manager - John Simard, Fort Drum ; Ray Wharton, Fort Detrick

RRAD's Antiterrorism Program Manager, Bill Pass, was also honored during the conference by being placed on the 2009 U.S. Army Antiterrorism Program Honor Roll. Bill Pass receives the HQDA 2008 "Best AT Program - Fixed Installation Award" on behalf of Red River Army Depot

"Antiterrorism is a critical component within a total protective system," said Mr. Mark R. Lewis, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, HQDA G-3/5/7.

The Department of the Army has recognized Red River Army Depot as having one of the best Antiterrorism Programs in the Army.

"As the global war on terrorism continues, we have to put a lot of resources into this critical issue and these award winners are doing work that is imperative. The winners selected are highlights of a strong antiterrorism program, exceptional leadership, and innovative action; we commend them for their hard work and dedication."

Numerous nominations were received across the Army. The winners were selected by the HQDA Antiterrorism Awards Board chaired by the AT Branch Chief. Members used HQDA established criteria to review, screen, and vote on each packet submitted.

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