Army Guard Launches First Military Reality TV Program
A competitor tests his shooting skills in Aca,!A"Warrior Challenge,Aca,!A? the Armed ForcesAca,!a,,c first reality video program.

WASHINGTON, DC - The real-life mental and physical challenges of military life combined with a "Survivor-type" show format is the basis of the Armed Forces' first reality video program, the Army National Guard's "Warrior Challenge."

Seven originally produced webisodes will air through February on an ARNG-branded channel on Ripe TV, a leader in video-on-demand digital entertainment distribution and production.

The joint announcement was made by Warrior Challenge's executive producer, Darryl Silver; and by Army Col. Michael Jones, chief of the Army National Guard's strength maintenance division.

Six teams, each consisting of one Guard member and one civilian, will compete in a series of National Guard-style "extreme challenges," such as a sniper-shooting and rappelling contest, a 40-ft. high ropes course, a helicopter search-and-rescue mission and a Humvee pull.

"The civilian contestants are not just getting a glimpse of the military, they are knee-deep in the life of a soldier," said Silver. "They will be living on base in the barracks and eating MRE's in uniform from the minute they arrive until the show's finale."

The ultimate prize for the winning team is an all-expense paid trip to the Ford 300 NASCAR race in Miami, where the team members will get to hang out with the driver of the National Guard's No. 88 car, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

"Warrior Challenge" is currently airing on Ripe TV in over 30 million cable homes and on an ARNG-branded channel on, available on desktops or through mobile devices. The series finale will air on Feb. 18.

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