Ethics: Annual refresher training no longer applies to 'all'
Capt. Ben Hogan (right) and Capt. Joon Hong, administrative law division of the 2nd Infantry Division's Judge Advocate General, discuss case files following Hogan's ethics briefing at Camp Red Cloud Jan. 21. - U.S. Army photo by Jack Loudermilk

USAG-RED CLOUD - Annual ethics refresher training took place as usual at the USAG-Red Cloud Theater, Jan. 21, but aimed this time at educating only those individuals responsible for managing, approving, or overseeing financial actions.

Training was conducted by Capt. Ben Hogan, administrative law division of the Judge Advocate General, and covered various ethical areas, ranging from misuse of government owned vehicles to ration control.

"Most of what I cover in these briefings involves common sense," said Hogan, "but some areas can be a little confusing. My intent is to give everyone the facts and let them know if there is ever a doubt, they can come to JAG for an answer."

Hogan said anyone acting on advisement from his office will not get in trouble if the information turns out to be wrong.

"Good use of government resources is the key part," he said. "There's no need for anyone to get in trouble for not knowing the facts. When the area becomes grey, they should call us."

Hogan explained that everyone still has a problem with the rules on gift giving and the dollar amounts.

"When you see someone leave Korea with a plaque," he said, "that's totally acceptable. However, if you take up a collection for a gift, you cannot force anyone to contribute. It must be voluntary."

Some of Hogan's other key ethical issues were misuse of government vehicles, endorsing nonfederal entities and seeking outside employment that may conflict with official government duties.

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