Multinational participants arrive for 28th iteration of Exercise Cobra Gold
Maj. Lawrence White, Special Troops Battalion Executive Officer for U.S. Army Pacific, provides a welcome briefing to a participant during inprocessing for Exercise Cobra Gold 09 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Forward deployed, White is the Combined Task Force/Joint Task Force Headquarters, Headquarters Battalion Commander.

CHIANG MAI, Thailand -- More than 11,000 participants and observers representing 15 nations will deploy to Thailand this month in support of Exercise Cobra Gold 09, a two-week long annual joint combined multinational training exercise scheduled to be held from Feb. 4-17 here.
The U.S. Army, Pacific, with support from U.S. Pacific Command; U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet; U.S. Marine Forces, Pacific; U.S. Air Force, Pacific; the Royal Thai Army, Navy, and Marines; as well as contingencies from the militaries of Singapore, Indonesia and Japan will participate in the exercise, which has been ongoing since 1981.
The exercise is designed to promote regional peace and security, and will consist of tactical exercises as well as humanitarian and civic assistance projects. The exercise will take place simultaneously throughout the Kingdom of Thailand to include the cities of Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Lop Buri, Utaphao, Ban Cham Krem, Korat and Phitsanoluk.
USARPACAca,!a,,cs Special Troops Battalion arrived in Thailand early to ensure a smooth in-processing for the participants of Cobra Gold and a smooth start for this annual exercise, which is in its 28 iteration since its inception.
Aca,!A"We are responsible for all life support for all personnel assigned here at the headquarters in Chiang Mai for the exercise to include lodging, transportation, food and fuel,Aca,!A? said Maj. Lawrence White, STB executive officer.
White explained that the STB transitions to a Headquarters, Headquarters Battalion, able to support a combined task force or joint task force when forward deployed. In his forward deployed capacity during the exercise, White is dual-hatted as the CTF/JTF headquarters commander. In this role he is responsible for keeping track of all personnel from all nations and services in the exercise headquarters in Chiang Mai.
Aca,!A"Forecasting the logistical requirements and the coordination of bringing all this support together has been my biggest challenge,Aca,!A? said White. Aca,!A"Whether that support involves providing electrical power, phones, lodging or morale support, our mission is to bring all those elements together to focus on supporting the headquarters staff.Aca,!A?
Under his charge, White has a joint staff of 23 personnel working around the clock to ensure in-processing of all exercise participants. Aca,!A"My goal is to provide a smooth transition for all participants,Aca,!A? said White. Aca,!A"We tried to create a system of in processing that is efficient and caring. ThatAca,!a,,cs the key to our success.Aca,!A?
This yearAca,!a,,cs Cobra Gold exercise includes a future operations planning staff exercise that will focus on improving interoperability and building increased capability to conduct complex multinational operations among participating nations.
This dynamic exercise will also include a coalition task force senior leaderAca,!a,,cs seminar, a United Nations staff officerAca,!a,,cs course, and a Global Peace Operation Initiative exercise.
Additionally, the exercise will include field training exercises conducted simultaneously throughout the country including the cities of Phitsanoluk, Sukhothai, Utaphao, Samesam and Sattahip. The field training exercise will culminate in a live-fire exercise using the Stryker Light Armored Vehicle for the first time in Thailand.
Humanitarian civic action projects will also take place throughout the country, to include six engineering construction projects and seven medical civic action projects.
Aca,!A"We are all looking forward to a great exercise this year,Aca,!A? said White. Aca,!A"Our common goal of creating partnerships with other nations that recognize the need for multinational solutions to common challenges is why we have come together here.Aca,!A?


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