Belvoir commissary becomes first $100 million store
Fort Belvoir's commissary became the first Defense Commissary to top $100 million in sales in 2008. Sales were $101.8 million last year and manager Troy Collins hopes to reach new goals this year including a goal of $550,000 the Saturday before Super Bowl.

Already the top-selling commissary at any military installation, Fort Belvoir became the first store in the history of the Defense Commissary Agency to surpass $100 million in annual sales for 2008.

According to former store director and current zone manager Troy Collins, Belvoir posted $101.8 million in sales last year - setting an all-time high for a single commissary and shattering its previous best of $95.7 million from the year before.

"We take pride in the work we do here and we're prepared to break even more sales records in 2009," Collins said. "Our new monthly sales goal is $9.5 million and we're aiming to break the $105 million mark this year. With a combination of great employees and dedicated customers, I'm confident we can do it."

Collins is also hoping to set a new daily sales record of more than $550,000 Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl. Last year, the commissary posted a half million in preparation for the gridiron classic.

"Last year was a lot of fun and we wound up raffling off a big screen digital television as part of our promotion. This year, we'll have other items, including four motorized carts that kids can ride around in," Collins said. "That day is always a lot of fun and we're all looking forward to it. We're setting the bar pretty high this year, but that's okay. We can do it."

Finishing behind Belvoir in annual sales last year were commissaries at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and San Diego, which each reported $90 million in sales.

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