Get you fuel-purchasing paperwork in order!
Before buying fuel coupons in the Netherlands, be sure to prepare AE Form 550-35B, the form that authorizes visitors to purchase tax free fuel while on official leave, TDY or pass in the Netherlands.

SCHINNEN, Netherlands - Procedures for purchasing rationed fuel in the Netherlands impact personnel stationed outside the country by requiring special paperwork and authorizations before tanking-up.

Individuals not stationed in the Netherlands must be on official travel or leave orders to purchase fuel in the Netherlands, according to a Army in Europe Regulation (AER) 550-35. This regulation clarifies fuel purchasing procedures for the paper/coupon-based system in the Netherlands.

"AER 550-35 provides clear procedures for personnel stationed in Germany to buy rationed fuel in the Netherlands and, most important, complies with authority granted from the Netherlands government," said Tom Budzyna, USAG Schinnen's Public Affairs Officer.

When the new automated fuel ration card arrived in Germany in 2009, personnel assigned outside Germany had to obtain AE Form 550-175L from a Military Police (MP) Station in Germany, provide their identification card, vehicle registration, and current leave/pass or temporary duty orders, in order to receive a temporary (limited) ration to purchase fuel when travelling in Germany.

A similar procedure applies for personnel assigned outside the Netherlands who wish to purchase tax-free fuel in the Netherlands.

Individuals in Germany who wish to obtain rationed fuel in the Netherlands must complete AE Form 600-17A, which serves as the authority document for their supplemental fuel ration. Once approved and signed by their commander or supervisor, the individual then presents the form to the USAG Schinnen MP Station along with an ID card; vehicle registration; and TDY orders, leave document, or military pass.

The leave document should be the multi-purpose OPM Form 71 (if civilian) or a DA Form 31 (for Army). The MP will then issue AE Form 550-35B with a temporary (limited) ration authorization that can be used to purchase fuel coupons at the Schinnen Main Exchange or fill-up directly at the AAFES service station on USAG Schinnen.

"It's important to get your paperwork in order because the changes that took effect in 2009 also means that customers cannot buy Netherlands fuel coupons from AAFES operations outside the Netherlands. So if you're driving to USAG Schinnen and planning on buying fuel, you need to arrive with your documents in order," Budzyna said.

Changes in rationed fuel purchases have been on-going process for military personnel assigned in Europe.

In 2008, "dual use" fuel coupons for Germany and Netherlands were withdrawn from the system and replaced with coupons specifically for the Netherlands. This change occurred as Germany began using the automated fuel ration card.

The Netherlands continues to use a paper coupon system.

When personnel assigned to Germany travel to the Netherlands, access to rationed fuel is limited and controlled to ensure monthly per-vehicle ration amounts are not exceeded. Once a vehicle has consumed its monthly ration of tax-free fuel, operators who need more fuel must fill up at local service stations and pay local prices.

Regulations governing fuel purchases are written on a by-country basis and comply with existing Status of Forces or other host nation Agreements made between the U.S. and the particular nation.

Personnel travelling from outside Germany into Germany can call 0049-2451-63-2227, fax 0049-2451-1747 or email for more information. Those travelling from Germany to the Netherlands can call 0031-46-443-7555.

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