PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. -- Picatinny employees Jason DeVenezia and Yusif H. Yafai were commended here in December for their work on a device that will make hand grenades safer for Soldiers to use.

Col. Raymond Nulk, project manager for Close Combat Systems, presented the two employees with Star Notes on behalf of Gen. Charles C. Campbell, commanding general of the U.S. Army Forces Command. The notes thanked them for their efforts on a piece of equipment called the Confidence Clip.

The Confidence Clip is a simple device that fits between the grenade fuze and body. It securely fastens the pull ring in place to prevent the accidental removal or rattling associated with a loose ring.

The Confidence Clip was developed to meet a long-standing need. As far back as World War II, Soldiers have been taping their grenades for perceived safety or to reduce noise. This is a safety hazard because removing the tape can inadvertently pull the pin, resulting, as it has in some cases, in serious injury. It can also obscure vital markings, such as lot numbers, so otherwise functional grenades have to be destroyed before use.

PM CCS staff was made aware of this unsafe and wasteful practice through feedback from theater and the Department of the Army Explosive Safety Counsel.

At the request of Campbell, PM CCS staff expedited the incorporation of the Confidence Clip into existing inventory of lethal hand grenades; they will be available beginning this month. Incorporating the Confidence Clip into new production items will begin in March or April.

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