Paycheck looking a little bigger' Don't worry, it is not a fluke.

All Soldiers and other federal employees should see their annual pay increases reflected in their checks this month.

"They are done en masse and automatically show up in the January pay period," said Deborah Allen, lead military pay technician. "(The increase) is effective on Jan. 1, so it will show up on the 15th."

That means there will be a little something extra in Soldiers' paychecks beginning today.
Civilians, on the other hand, have another two weeks before they see a change in pay.

"The pay adjustment was accepted Jan. 4 and employees will see that Jan. 29," said Suzette Jordan, personnel management specialist.

Soldiers' pay increased 3.9 percent, while civilian pay increased 2.9 percent. However, civilians also received at least a 1 percent increase in locality pay, making the total increase 3.9 percent. Although the overall average increase is 1 percent, each employee's actual increase depends on his or her duty location, said Sheila Webb, with the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.

The increase could mean an additional $100 in Soldiers' paychecks. For example, Allen said, a staff sergeant with 10 years in service made $2,916.30 in monthly base pay last year. This year, that same staff sergeant will receive $3,044.70. That increases the Soldiers' annual salary by more than $1,500.

That amount does not include any additional entitlements, such as Basic Allowance for Housing, a Soldier may receive.

For civilians, a GS-5, Step 1 employee went from $29,726 to $30,772 in yearly pay.

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