Faithful Eagle readers should not be surprised to read that the December 2008 edition is the last
paper copy of The Eagle.

SMDC/ARSTRAT Commanding General Lt. Gen. Kevin T. Campbell has agreed to a trial period for Eagle articles and photos to go all-digital. The idea is to encourage readers to get online at
SMDC/ARSTRAT's Web site, New articles will be posted in a much more timely fashion under the category "Eagle Articles--Get the News."

As stated in previous Eagle issues, during this test period news and stories will be submitted to the Web site within a day or two of completion of writing, meaning readers'
information will be up-to-date rather than a month or two old.

Readers who want The Eagle to remain in print should contact the editor at to voice their opinions. Feedback will be used for the final decision as to whether The Eagle will return to paper issuance or if articles, photos and
command events will remain online (as "Eagle Articles--Get The News"). If no feedback is received, reader concurrence for the online version of "Eagle Articles" is presumed.

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