U.S. Army soldiers and civilian personnel now have access to language training designed to get them speaking another language even faster. The latest version of the foreign language software uses technology to create an environment of complete immersion in the studied language. The Army e-Learning initiative has delivered language training to more than 180,000 uniformed and civilian Army personnel.

Units preparing to deploy across the globe are using Army e-Learning for pre-deployment training, including foreign-language instruction. Courses in Arabic, Farsi and Pashto are not only making measurable differences in basic communication skills, but may also help soldiers achieve their missions in the Global War on Terror. More than one-third of the personnel are studying Arabic, one of many mission-critical languages offered through Army e-Learning, a component of the U.S. Army Distributed Learning System (DLS).

Now available in 21 languages, the latest version of the language training software features state-of-the-art speech recognition technology and guided pronunciation exercises and simulated dialogues that build confidence and perfect pronunciation. It is designed to provide soldiers the fundamental language skills needed to communicate upon deployment.

Foreign language training provides our soldiers, leaders, and Army civilians online courses geared towards building their proficiency in another language as quickly as possible," says Lt. Col. Antonio Boston, Product Manager for DLS. "Language skills, especially speaking and listening skills, are critical. The new upgrades to the software focuses heavily on building those key skills quickly, making it an ideal solution for our needs."

Stan Davis, Deputy Product Manager for DLS and Project Officer for Army e-Learning adds, "We are proud to provide free, state-of-the-art solution for our troops. With this latest upgrade, Soldiers will get to develop their conversational skills, as they use new technologies and practice producing new phrases that will help them as they carry out their operational duties abroad."

About the U.S. Army Distributed Learning System

The U.S. Army Distributed Learning System (DLS) acquires, deploys and maintains a worldwide learning infrastructure that innovatively combines hardware, software and telecommunications resources with training facilities and course content to deliver a cohesive, Web-based solution. DLS is part of the U.S. Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS). PEO EIS is responsible for project management of DoD and Army business and combat service support systems, as well as related Army communication and computer infrastructure. Army e-Learning, a component of DLS, contributes more than 2,600 training courses in the areas of foreign languages, information technology, business, leadership and professional development.

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