FORT HOOD, Texas-"He can just spend time with us," were the words of Chiara Thrope, the daughter of a soon-to-be deployed Soldier from 3rd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

For a daughter who has already seen her father deploy once, these are words that come from the heart. That is why the sports day that 3rd Bn., 82nd FA, Soldiers took part in on Dec. 13 was about more than just games and competition, it was about bringing families together with Soldiers.

"This is an event for them (the Soldiers and families)," said 2nd Lt. Tony Koh, a Distribution Platoon Leader for G Battery 3rd Bn., 82nd FA.

For many of the families this was the first time they had, had a chance to meet their Soldier's coworkers.

"It is good for the families to spend time with their soldiers, and do it as an event where they can see the organization and the people their soldiers are working with everyday," said Cpt. Cory Shirk, a security officer for the "Red Dragon" battalion.

With 3rd Bn., 82nd FA troops working long days and nights before the deployment, this was a chance for the Soldiers to take a breather. It also allowed them an opportunity to see their battalion plan an event specifically for the Soldiers benefits.

"This is a really good chance to show them (Soldiers) that the battalion cares for them and their families," said Koh.

The event itself encompassed different games including football, baseball, horseshoes and soccer, with the climax being a match between the non-commissioned officers and the officers of 3rd Bn., 82nd FA.

Although bringing families out was very important, the Soldiers didn't forget the competition involved in many of these games.

"It gives an opportunity for each one of the batteries to pull together in a competitive nature," said Koh. "It gives them a chance to see what they have got against the other batteries."

But for many of the Soldiers, the highlight of the day was the free steak luncheon.

The luncheon was provided by an organization that travels around the country to where Soldiers are preparing to deploy or returning from deployment and caters the food for events.
"Our goals it to promote American beef and support the men and women fighting terror and their families," said Bill Broadie, the owner of The All-American Beef Battalion.

"We hope to go wherever young folks are deploying," said Broadie.

The day came to with a highly-anticipated game between "Red Dragon" officers and NCO's . Both sides had a lot to say before the game.

"We are going to kill them," said Mcallen, Texas native, Sgt. 1st Class Cesar Delgado, the rear detachment NCO in-charge for 3rd Bn., 82nd FA . "They are going to get clobbered."

"The officers younger, faster and stronger," said Shirk, who expecting an easy victory for the officers.

The final score was 21-13 in favor of the officers.

This was a crushing blow to the NCO's who were so sure they were going to win.

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