MCAAP/Air Force Scanner
Jason Semeski, with McAlester's ammunition operations process division, shows how the hand-held Unique Identifi cation scanner works. McAlester has labeled all BLU-109 2,000 pound penetrators and BLU-113 5,000 pound penetrators from October 2006 until present with IUID labels.

MCALESTER, Okla. -- McAlester Army Ammunition Plant has always worked closely with customers in meeting requirements. IUID (Item Unique Identification) deployment is one example.

The Air Force was tasked to meet the Department of Defense's requirement to uniquely mark all items with a unit cost of $5,000 or higher.

The Air Force and MCAAP's Ammunition Operations Process Division together researched and tested many different marking systems/materials to determine the best method.

This effort involved many discussions and took months to complete. Freedom Technologies Corporation out of Brighton, Mich., was selected to implement their "error proof" system. This system allows MCAAP to scan an identification plate on the bomb, download the information and laser cut a label with the required information to apply to the bomb.

Not being explosive proof, the system proposed an initial challenge of where to deploy the system. The choice was made to place the system at one building and transport the labels down to another building to be applied to the bombs.

The labels getting to one particular building was a challenge in itself but was overcome by placing the labels in the fuze well and applying a plastic cap to keep them in place for the trip down the line.

Once the system was up and running Ammunition Operations Process division spent
several days training production workers on the "ins and outs" of the system. Work instructions were written by the Planning Division so that each operator of the system understood how to run it correctly. By using a team approach, issues were quickly resolved and the IUID deadline was met.

MCAAP has labeled all BLU-109 penetrators and BLU-113's produced from October 2006 until now with IUID labels.

The path forward is to implement new software to batch upload all IUID information
into the IUID registry.

The division is currently looking at IUID Registry-MT software from Freedom
Technologies, which will allow us to upload through Global Exchange to the IUID Registry.

The Air Force will realize many benefits from IUID implementation such as item visibility regardless of platform or "owner;" lower item management costs, item data
necessary for top-level logistics and engineering analysis and accurate sources for property and equipment valuation and accountability.

Other benefits include improved access to historical data for use during systems design and throughout the life of an item, better item intelligence for warfighters for operational planning, reduced workforce burden through increased productivity and efficiency, and improved inventory accuracy.

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