SSG Brandon Zylstra
SSG Brandon Zylstra is a United States Army Face of Strength. To learn more about SSG Zylstra and other Faces of Strength, visit

Staff Sergeant Brandon Zylstra says he was just doing his job "to go out and fight the enemy." On a 2007 mission to re-supply another company with water and ammunition, Zylstra's unit found itself in the wrong neighborhood - trapped with a jack-knifed supply trailer as enemy fire rained from the tops of nearby buildings. Zylstra defied the firestorm that followed to drag first one, and then another wounded Soldier to safety, returning even after his men were safe to retrieve a lost American weapon. Such valor under fire earned Zylstra the Silver Star. He calls it acting "on instinct." A fellow Soldier says it's more like Zylstra "epitomizes the strength of the Nation...He's Army Strong."

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