Samantha Mellinger and Laura Wernlein
Samantha Mellinger and Laura Wernlein are United States Army Faces of Strength. To learn more about Samantha, Laura and other Faces of Strength, visit

Samantha Mellinger and Laura Werlein love sharing with other kids - even those they'll probably never meet, halfway around the world. These two Girl Scouts heard about American Soldiers helping to build young soccer leagues in Iraq. Moved by reports of children playing on dirt and in bare feet, Samantha and Laura launched their own campaign to collect sports equipment for the Soldiers to distribute. Iraqi girls can't participate in the soccer leagues, therefore Samantha and Laura are rounding up donations of dolls, and coloring books and crayons, so no one is overlooked. Samantha and Laura have contributed to the quiet diplomacy that is integral to every Soldier's mission in Iraq.

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