Training teaches U.S. Army Europe employees how to do business better, faster, smarter
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HEIDELBERG, Germany -- U.S. Army Europe business practice experts say they believe in doing business better, faster and smarter. They also say they have a not-so-secret weapon to improve efficiency that anyone in USAREUR can employ.

That not-so-secret weapon is called Lean Six Sigma.

"Lean Six Sigma is about removing the waste and variation from our work processes," said Jack Van Den Beldt, of the business practices and stewardship branch of USAREUR's resource management directorate. "We have work processes that we do every day but we may not be doing them as effectively or efficiently as we'd like."

To help streamline the way USAREUR works, the command's continuous process improvement team offers a one-day LSS orientation course for DoD employees interested in learning more about the program, said Van Den Beldt.

"There is no commitment," he said. "You walk in and get a day's worth of training which includes a simulation exercise that demonstrates how to eliminate waste from a work process."

Van Den Beldt had a suggestion for any USAREUR employee, LSS trained or not, who wants to help improve one of their work processes -- engage your supervisor.

"Make suggestions," he said. "I know as a supervisor I'm always open to better, faster and smarter ways to do our business. If (employees) need help with shaping their improvement ideas into suggestions, call my office. We can help."

For information on the LSS orientation course or to take Van Den Beldt up on his offer of help, DoD employees can call the CPI team at 370-7811 or 370-3530 or visit the civilian resource training application system Web site at to sign up for the course.

Advanced training is also available for supervisors (Project Sponsor Workshops) and eligible employees (Green, Black and Master Black Belt certification) who want to learn more about LSS and continuous process improvement. Interested employees can call the numbers above for more information.

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