New commander takes charge of Army South HHC
Capt. William J. Brickner, center, receives the Army South HHC guidon from STB commander Lt. Col. Scot Storey, , left, during the HHC change of command ceremony Oct. 24.

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (Oct. 31, 2008) - Capt. William J. Brickner, Jr., who last served as the communications plans officer for U.S. Army South, took command Oct. 24 of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion, U.S. Army South.

Brickner received the unit colors of the HHC "Rough Riders" from Maj. Rodolfo Martinez, Jr. during an outdoor ceremony in front of Army South's headquarters in "Old BAMC." Martinez will move to Army South's operations and training section.

"[Major Martinez] has contributed to the history of this great unit and [Captain Brickner] now bears that awesome responsibility to continue proud traditions while moving the unit forward," said Army South's STB commander, Lt. Col. Scot Storey.

Serving as the HHC commander was "a very challenging experience but very rewarding at the same time," said Martinez.

Storey praised the dedication of the Soldiers who served under Martinez's leadership as they stood in formation throughout the ceremony.

"They are the unsung heroes of the battalion and ultimately the command," said Storey. "Each and every one of them is critical to the superb support this battalion provides United States Army South."

Listing a plethora of unit accomplishments-including the reintegration of three American defense contractors held hostage by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia for more than five years, as well as the establishment a Multinational Force-South command post for Fuerzas Aliadas (Allied Forces) PANAMAX 2008 in El Salvador-Storey stressed that the successful completion of each mission was a direct reflection of Martinez's leadership.

"Keeping Soldiers mission-focused to accomplish all of this in such a diverse unit has taken hard work and balance," said Storey. "The only way this level of achievement could be accomplished was through good leadership, and [Major Martinez] you've provided just that."

Gesturing toward Brickner, Storey assured the Soldiers they are in good hands with their new commander.

"Headquarters and Headquarters Company is being placed in the capable hands of another talented Soldier," said Storey. "[Captain Brickner] has an impressive background that has groomed him to successfully lead the 'Rough Riders' down the continued path of greatness."

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