USAG Bavaria Community Teammates,

On Sept. 1, our nation celebrates Labor Day, fashioned by workers to honor to our nation's workforce and acknowledge its role as a source of America's strength, freedom and leadership.

All of you have been working very hard to make sure the Installation Management Command continues to make a difference in every Soldier, Army civilian, and Army family member's life.

With summer is coming to an end, and school starting up, many of our Soldiers, civilians and their families will get together for one last weekend of summer fun.

Many of us will travel over this weekend. Plan your vacation getaway using the U.S. Army Safety Center TRiPS tool at, which will walk you through a trip planning process.

Ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound and ready for the road and share your travel plans with a friend or supervisor.

A few simple precautions greatly improve your safety on the road: no texting while driving, no drinking and driving, and be prepared for black ice in the early morning hours. Excessive speed and inattentive driving are the number one cause of accidents in USAG Bavaria.

Motorcycle riders - personal protective gear is not only smart, it's required! Leaders and mentors check your riders and their bikes, know their motorcycle trip plans and reiterate the high risk and fatality rates associated with riding or operating motorcycles.

Bikes, rollerblades and skateboards are fun, but can be painful or deadly if not operated safely.

Only ride or skate in authorized areas and follow the rules of the road by clearing intersections, signaling your intentions and not wearing headphones while operating bikes, rollerblades or skateboards.

Helmets are required for bikes, rollerblades and skateboards, and additional knee, elbow and wrist protection is highly recommended for skaters.
Lapses in safety affect us all.

Soldiers, Army civilians, and Army family members continue to lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents from distractions or driving under the influence. Both are 100 percent preventable!

It is incumbent upon each of us to plan, prepare and execute to a standard that ensures that all risk is minimized.

Every individual is important to the USAG Bavaria team - our Soldiers, civilians and family members. Reach out to each other and ensure the well-being of our force.

If you or someone you know needs help, reach out to the many resources available.

Visit the U.S. Army's Safety Center at for tips and training on risk identification and mitigation, and review suicide prevention information at

Before we head out, I would like commanders and supervisors to talk with their Soldiers and civilians about their plans in an atmosphere that facilitates awareness on safety.

Identify those plans that put our Soldiers at risk and put measures in place that mitigate those risks.

Enjoy this well-deserved holiday; be safe, and please return to the team healthy and relaxed.

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