Sgt. 1st Class Quadedra Corey, National Physique Committee Bodybuilding, Figure, and Bikini Contest champion

Being a mother of five hasn't stopped Sgt. 1st Class Quadedra Corey from pushing her limits.

A contracting noncommissioned officer with the 413th Contracting Support Brigade, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Corey enrolled in her first-ever National Physique Committee Bodybuilding, Figure, and Bikini Contest and won first place in the masters bikini 35 and over category and first place overall.

"I am not into bodybuilding," said the 12-year veteran who concentrates her efforts on the bikini category. "It took a lot of courage to enter the contest. I had been training for over three months for this then when I came to Hawaii I changed my mind. Then when I was working out in the gym when a guy approached my husband and I and asked me if I did any competitions."

After some discussion and convincing, Corey entered the NPC Ikaika Bodybuiding Competition in Waikiki.

"Everyone was telling me I should compete because I still looked good for having five children," said the 36-year-young Newark, New Jersey, native. "I was nervous walking on the stage but I decided to just have fun with it."

Prior to the competition, Corey's training regimen included cardio vascular training four or five times a week to include running and jumping rope.

"I also did a lot of walking around the crater in the housing area and some time on the treadmill at a 10 percent incline," she said. "I work out every day to try and maintain my body."

Once she decided to compete, she kicked her regimen into a higher gear.

"I just incorporated more lifting weights and changed up my diet, no red meat and no sodas," said the 5-foot 6-inch, 128-pound dynamo. "The diet was not really hard except I love steak."

Corey is not alone in her quest for fitness fame. Her husband, Staff Sgt. Melvin Corey, is her coach and helps her stay on task. The two of them started to get excited at the competition when her name was among the last two to be announced.

"When it was down to the last two to be called, I grabbed the other lady's hand because I was nervous," she said.. "When they called my name my heart was beating out of my chest. Then after I received my first trophy I was walking off stage and they told me to stay and they brought me out another trophy."

Corey created a motivational group in March for those who want to lose or gain weight and be comfortable in their own skin. The group has more than 500 members.

"I've seen so many groups and sites only for women or only for men and they would charge people for their assistance. On my site I have videos of my exercises, what I eat, and I posted pictures of before and now," Corey said. "It gives people motivation. Everyone can post their own experiences. It's a closed group so I kind of screen people so they won't be in the group for the wrong reasons."

Corey's influence has gone beyond her online motivational group.

"Being in the competition has motivated people I know in the Army to work out more and strive for a good fitness level," she said. "They told me I inspire them, especially after having children."

Corey said she plans to compete for as long as she can.

"I see myself competing as long as God is willing. Next up is the Paradise Cup in November in Waikiki. If I place in top five, I'll get a pro card," she said. "If I get a pro card, I will be able to compete in any competition like the USA Bikini Championship."

Corey said that had she listened to advice from others, she would have never been on stage and never would have one.

"You can do just about anything you put your mind to," she said. "I had people tell me don't compete because everyone else were national competitors and that I would not win. Well let's just say I didn't follow their advice and look where it got me."

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