As part of the Leadership Excellence Direct Results program, 40 students visited Picatinny Aug. 15 to tour the arsenal's facilities. Above, students pose by an armored personnel carrier at the Highbay Center.

Forty students from the Leadership Excellence Direct Results program visited Picatinny Arsenal on Aug.15 to tour the arsenal's facilities and meet with its workforce.

Leadership Excellence Direct Results (LEDR) is a week-long educational program for boys and girls, ages 15-20. The program provides its participants with training in personal and career development by focusing on topics such as communications, education, environment, criminal justice, and technology. It also helps to develop self-confidence, recognize cultural and educational diversity, as well as understand the importance of community in everyday life.

The participants learn about government leaders, corporations, educational institutions, community and environmental issues through activities that support the current needs of our communities. LEDR participants then take part in a community service project that showcases the program's key themes.

"Leadership is all about knowing how to handle different situations, practicing patience, being willing to cooperate and maintaining your integrity," explained Ryan Taggart, a student from Randolph High School.

During their visit to Picatinny, LEDR toured various facilities throughout the arsenal, such as the Manufacturing Technology Center, and the Gaming Interactive Technologies and Multimedia facility. In addition, students received overviews on the U.S. Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program, and learned about remote weapons technology and innovative collaboration.

For Eunice Kim, a student from Ridgefield Memorial High School, it was the emphasis on communication skills that she enjoyed learning at Picatinny.

"Today, the engineers told the group about technology, but they also mentioned that 80 percent of their work is about understanding how to sell yourself, your ideas, and your project," said Kim.

However, for Justin Lu, a student from Randolph High School, it was Picatinny's 3-D printing area that interested him the most throughout the tour.

"I've never seen anything like it (the 3-D printing machine)," said Lu. "But, then they showed us how the machine can be used to make plastic items, like a business card holder, in a couple of minutes and that was cool."

"I liked using the Google Glass," added Carimarie Colon, a student from Arthur L. Johnson High School. "You put it on like glasses and tap the side and it's like a computer right in front of you. I'm interested to see how it is going to be improved."

LEDR is part of the Team Eagle Foundation. Team Eagle Foundation was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Madison, N.J. It is a non-profit foundation established to provide students with training in "applicable leadership."

Team Eagle Foundation works in partnership with Boy Scouts of America under the Patriots Path Council. Patriots Path Council is a group whose core objective is to build strong personal values, family values, and character in young people by providing program activities that teach, support, and encourage such values.

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