Week 7 of 'Triad' updates goals
The Performance Triad focuses on sleep, activity and nutrition for healthy living.

SCHOFIELD Barracks, Hawaii -- The Performance Triad challenges you to enhance your health with sleep, activity and nutrition.

They are all vital components to healthy living.

Here's what Army Medicine recommends for Week 7:

-- Sleep Goal
Are you checking your clock throughout the night? Move the clock out of reach and out of sight. When the alarm goes off, you'll have no choice but to get out of bed and start moving. You'll discover that you will stop worrying about how much longer you have left to sleep.

-- Activity Goals
Are you injured or have a chronic condition? Don't let that slow you down. Contact your local primary care manager for a health assessment and learn what exercise activities are best for you.

-- Nutrition Goal
Make at least half your grains whole. Whole grains contain the entire grain kernel -- the bran, germ and endosperm. Commonly eaten whole grains include popcorn, whole wheat bread or crackers, oatmeal and brown rice.

-- Resources
There are many types of whole grains, to learn more, visit the "Choose My Plate" website.

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