FORT BENNING, Ga., (July 30, 2014) --GORDON WINS NO. 5

Three people from the Bayonet and Saber's NASCAR challenge got it right this past week, when Jeff Gordon won the NASCAR Brickyard 400 auto race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis. This is his fifth big win.


A video was released of Ravens running back Ray Rice removing his then-fiancee from an elevator while she was unconscious after hitting her.

NFL vice president Adolpho Birch couldn't give an adequate explanation of why Rice only received a two-game suspension without pay for what many, even in sports media, are calling a serious infraction.

There are a lot of facts we don't know, but Rice's behavior on the leaked video won't help him win sympathy. He seemed uncaring that she was out cold. Yes, he should get more than a two-game suspension, because he really needs to think about the consequences of his actions.


Over the last three and half years, I've written everything under the sun. Unfortunately, I'm leaving. There's no way to put it. I finally get into a rhythm for sports, and now I'm leaving.

Covering sports was the most challenging thing I have done while at the Bayonet and Saber - and I've done a lot.

However, I want everyone to know that I loved every second of it. This includes, following people on Fort Benning's golf course in the heat and sun - with not much of an idea of golf etiquette. Should I stay or should I go? Would I get hit by a ball? These people probably find me annoying.

Coaches I've talked to after games, probably noticed I wasn't all that detailed with my questions. But many were extremely helpful with giving great quotes and details about their team's game.

It was a lot of work for me, learning to take notes again after every sport (because taking volleyball notes is much different than taking softball notes) and then converting those notes into a story. Transcribing quotes from coaches was the easy part.

Of course, my first love is sports photography - something I didn't realize until I was out there doing it. As I said in my very first 2-Minute Warning, I understand now why there are so many passionate sports fans. But now it's time to say adieu to you all.

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