WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD, Hawaii -- Think about what motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle.

What can you gain from increasing your activity, eating healthier and getting more sleep?
How will you feel when you reach your goals?

-- Sleep Goal
Check your sleep environment. Make sure it is dark, quiet and at a comfortable room temperature. Don't use electronic devices in the bedroom.

-- Activity Goal
Have you been sitting down on the job or at home? Walk around for a few minutes at least once every hour. Staying active throughout the day can help you fight chronic conditions, stress and unwanted weight gain.

-- Nutrition Goal
Breakfast and lunch are your best energy-producing meals. Focus on foods you need, and start with breakfast.

Eat a breakfast that helps you meet your food-group needs. People who skip breakfast have less energy and often weigh more.

-- Resource
To get involved with the Performance Triad, call Sgt. Randall Busick, the challenge coordinator, at (808) 433-8349.

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