ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala.--Lt. Col. Duncan MacMullen assumed command of Anniston Defense Munitions Center in a ceremony here Sept. 25.

MacMullen comes to Anniston from Washington D.C. where served as an action officer within the supply division of the Directorate for Logistics, The Joint Staff.

"I am humbled by this opportunity to serve the Army here at Anniston," said MacMullen. "From experience I know that the deployed forces have their burdens eased by the world class support achieved by workers at ADMC."

ADMC, a tenant on the depot, provides receipt, storage, shipment, maintenance, inspection, demilitarization and recycling of conventional ammunition and missiles in support of the joint warfighter.

ADMC Deputy to the Commander Anthony Burdell served as the commander's representative of the organization for four months beginning May 29 when former ADMC Commander Lt. Col. Garry McClendon deployed to Kuwait.

With approximately 125 government civilians, the organization has been in existence in its current state since 1998 when it stood up its operations for the first time as a major tenant activity under the name Anniston Munitions Center. Before then, the same operations were being conducted under the installation commander in the depot's Directorate of Ammunition.

And in 1999, Kentucky's Blue Grass Army Depot, or BGAD, assumed command and control of Anniston Munitions Center. The name was changed to Anniston Defense Munitions Center in 2004 when it received its first military commander.

Col. Joseph Tirone, commander of BGAD since July 10, presided over the ceremony.

"You are making a direct impact on the warfighter," said Tirone. "You're doing a great job. It's hard work, dangerous work, and you're doing it safely."

Wyche collaborates with missile experts

In conjunction with MacMullen's arrival at ADMC, the commanding general of Joint Munitions Command, Brig. Gen. Larry Wyche, spent time in Anniston Sept. 24 and 25 touring the organization's ammunition and missile logistics, maintenance and demilitarization operations.

Wyche became the fourth commander of JMC on Aug. 1, replacing Brig. Gen. James Rogers as the leader of more than 14,000 personnel working at 20 sites across the U.S. JMC, a subordinate command of Army Materiel Command, is headquartered at Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois.

As Wyche was briefed on current initiatives and opportunities in Anniston, the CG collaborated with ADMC leaders on workforce sustainment and warfighter support.

"Utilize interns the best you can to build the bench for the future," said Wyche.

JMC is making a global impact, especially on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Wyche.

ADMC is home to the only tactical missile demilitarization and recycling program in the world. The Missile Recycling Center dismantles obsolete TOW-tube-launched, optically tracked, and wire-guided-missiles that were first manufactured in the early 1970s.

Additionally, the organization has been taking the necessary steps to become a recycler of the Multiple Launch Rocket System.

"There is no doubt that JMC production plants and storage depots are made up of the best that the Department of Defense has to offer. We're the experts," he said.

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