Installation Management Command commander Lt. Gen. David Halverson, left, meets on JUne 26 with two of Redstone Arsenal's leaders -- Garrison commander Col. Bill Marks and Redstone senior commander Lt. Gen. Patricia McQuistion. Halverson's quick trip to Redstone Arsenal, cut even shorter by travel delays, included meetings with Arsenal leaders who depend on the Installation Management Command for services.

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- In meetings with Team Redstone leadership on June 26, Lt. Gen. David Halverson received feedback about the job the Installation Management Command's garrisons are doing on Army posts.

Halverson took command of the Army Installation Command, headquartered at San Antonio, Texas, on April 8. He is also assistant chief of staff for installation management. In his new position, he oversees an organization that handles day-to-day operations of Army installations around the globe, including fire and police protection, housing and dining facilities, family support services and child care.

A quick trip to Redstone Arsenal included visits with the Army Materiel Command's
commander Gen. Dennis Via and deputy commander Lt. Gen. Patricia McQuistion, who is also the Arsenal's senior commander; and with Lt. Gen. David Mann, commander of the Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command. Via, McQuistion and Mann serve as senior leaders on various Army posts where AMC and SMDC/ARSTRAT are senior tenants.
Halverson also met with Garrison leadership.

Since April, Halverson has held various meetings with IMCOM employees and Army installation tenant leaders to introduce IMCOM's new mission and vision, and to stress the importance of trust and teamwork.

Today, more than ever, IMCOM's mission is vital, Halverson said, at a time when the Army is facing increasingly complex challenges, such as unseen global conflict in the face of tight finances and force reduction. IMCOM's revised mission and vision statements reflect the need for innovation and leadership at every level, he said.

The new vision statement reads: Innovative professionals committed to effectively delivering extraordinary services and facilities for our premier Army.

"IMCOM is 'dooah,' not just hooah," Halverson has said.

It's about what IMCOM does - "not just words," he said. "I expect every one of my people to be a leader developer himself. Leader development will be an area of emphasis. As such, education, training and broadened development are important. I want to make sure we all have time to talk, to discuss … to listen, empower and most importantly offer solutions.

"We have to have new ideas and partnerships to solve today's complex challenges and keep up with changing times."

IMCOM's revised mission statement reads: IMCOM delivers and integrates base support to enable readiness for a self-reliant and globally responsive all volunteer Army.

Positive attitude and trust will help bring the team together, Halverson said. Leadership, innovation, partnerships and high standards of service will help IMCOM provide the right services to Soldiers today and in the years to come, he said.

IMCOM employees, working through the Army's garrisons, must understand their role in delivering customer service to Soldiers, Army civilians, wounded warriors, retirees and their families, and survivors, he said.

"The IMCOM team builds a ready and resilient Army. We take care of people, and make them self-reliant," Halverson said.

"Soldiers, family members, Army civilians, wounded warriors, retirees and survivors depend on the Army and the IMCOM team to enable them through installation services. Soldiers are committed to the Army profession and expect others in the Army to be as passionate about the mission as they are. The Army has made a promise to champion Soldiers, civilians and families. Everyone on the installation management team helps fulfill this promise and delivers to standards."

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