Ryan B. Simms serves as an information technology specialist with the 1st Space Battalion in Colorado Spring, Colo.

Name: Ryan B. Simms, information technology specialist, 1st Space Battalion, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Age: 37

Hometown: Brighton, Colo.

Years of federal service: Six years -- three years active duty and three years as a Department of the Army civilian (also served three years as a contractor)

Education: Three years of college

Marital status: Married

Children: Two

Activities/hobbies: Auto racing, snowboarding, youth sports coaching

Favorite movie: Since having children, anything Pixar

Favorite TV show: None; I choose life

Favorite band: None

Favorite thing about working for the Army: Working with service members on a daily basis

What made you want to work for the Army: I specifically chose SMDC as there is a lack of continuity and advocating for service members with the 1st Space Brigade/1st Space Battalion. When I feel I have done all I can, then I am going back to Department of Defense contracting for a different organization

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