Dr. David G. Gorsich
Chief Scientist, TARDEC.

Dr. David Gorsich
Chief Scientist
U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center
Warren, MI

Dr. David J. Gorsich serves as Chief Scientist for Ground Vehicle Systems at the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), and was selected for a Scientific and Professional (ST) position by the Federal Government in January 2009.

His research pursuits include vehicle dynamics and structural analysis, reliability-based design optimization, underbody blast modeling, terrain modeling and spatial statistics. He is the primary technical advisor to the TARDEC Director and responsible for the organization's science and technology strategy, along with review of TARDEC's basic research programs. Gorsich is TARDEC's primary focal point to organizations such as DARPA and ARO, and serves as technical expert for the Army's National Automotive Center (NAC).

Career Chronology
Dec 2008 -- Jul 2003:
Associate Director, Modeling and Simulation, Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Warren MI

Jan 2008 -- Jan 2007:
Acting Director, Strategic Plans and Programs, TARDEC, Warren MI

Jul 2003 -- Sept 1998:
Team leader, Robotics and Vehicle Intelligence, TARDEC, Warren MI

Sept 1998 -- Dec 1994:
Research Scientist, TARDEC, Warren MI

Dec 1994 -- Jun 1990:
Various assignments at ASA(ALT), AMC, ARL and TARDEC

Jan 1990 -- Dec 1988:
Electrical Engineer, McGraw Commercial Equipment Corporation, Novi, MI

Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, 2000

M.S., Applied Mathematics, George Washington University, D.C., 1994

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Lawrence Technological University, MI, 1990

Awards and Honors
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Fellow, 2008

Commander's Coin, CENTCOM, GEN Abizaid, HMMWV Safety/Seat Experiments, 2005

Commander's Coin, Chief of Staff, GEN Schoomaker, TARDEC M&S, 2005

Commander's Coin, West Virginia National Guard, 2004

Commander's Coin, US Army TACOM, MG Lenaers, Army-SAE Partnership, 2004

Commander's Coin, US Army TACOM, MG Thompson, Reliability, 2003

SAE Technical Standards Board for three year term, TARDEC Quality Report, Sept 2005

Army Research, Development and Aquisition Award, 1997, "Innovations in Ground Vehicle Signature Research,"

A. Fenner Milton, 15 June 1998, Orlando, Fl

Detroit Federal Executive Board Award, May 9, 2001

Professional Memberships and Associations

Adjunct professor and/or advisor at the following universities, serving as a scientific liaison with academia:

■College of Engineering, University of Iowa, IA
■Mississippi State University
■Kettering University
■University of Michigan Transportation Institute
Associate Editor of International Journal of Terramechanics and International Journal for Reliability and Safety

Co-President of Great Lakes section of Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Member, Sigma Xi M.I.T. Chapter

Chair, SAE International Standards Committee for Ground Vehicle Reliability

Member, SAE Material Parts and Processes Council

Member, Senior Executives Association, ST Chapter

Major Publications
Dr. Gorsich has published more than 140 scientific articles including over 30 peer review journal articles. He has published in the following peer review journals:

■Transactions of SAE
■International Journal of Vehicle Design
■Journal of Mechanical Design
■Journal of Commercial Vehicles
■Contemporary Mathematics
■Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
■Physical Review D
■Society of Automotive Engineers
■Journal of Multivariate Analysis
■Journal of Electronic Imaging
■Optical Engineering
■Pattern Recognition Letters
■Statistics and Computing
■IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

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