Sgt. Solorzano
SPC Luke Allen Solorzano joined the United States Army as an airborne infantryman in 2005. He is currently serving with the 25th Infantry Division. His past leadership experience includes sniper team radio transmission operator, sniper team shooter, M240B gunner, driver, squad designated marksman and fire controller. He has deployed to Kuwait, Iraq and the National Training Center during his three-year career. SPC Solorzano is a graduate from Airborne School and the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. In his free time, the northern California native enjoys riding motorcycles, sling spear fishing, reading, running and physical training. His short term goals are to graduate Sniper and Ranger schools and the Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course. His long term goals are to own his own home, become a staff sergeant and graduate the Special Operations Target Interdiction Course. He is married to his wife, Carolyn.

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