Stuttgart's Kelley Hotel 3-for-3 in Army-wide contest
Kelley Hotel manager David Roach (left) discusses the reservation list with hotel employee Kenny Williams.

STUTTGART, Germany - The Kelley Hotel received its third Army-wide LodgA,A!ing of the Year Award recently.

The 64-room hotel took top honors in the meA,A!dium category (50-99 rooms).The award was presented at the Soldier and Family Action Plan Training Symposium held in Louisville, Kent., Aug. 25-27.

One wouldn't be stretching the truth to say the Kelley Hotel, built in 2001, has never lost a LOYA competition. The hotel took top honors in 2002 and 2005. While the competition is held annually, the Kelley wins could be conA,A!sidered consecutive because a lodging facility must sit out the competition for two years after winning. The Kelley Hotel has only entered the contest in '02, '05 and '08.

"It was a tough field," said Dave Roach, the Kelley Hotel manager, of the seven competing lodging facilities in the meA,A!dium category. "I know most of the managers personally. They are very good at what they do. By far, this was the toughest competition we've had."

In order to win, the hotel had to face a stiff two-day inA,A!spection by seasoned lodging professionals.

"They take the gloves off," said Roach. "They check every aspect of the hotel - financials, paperwork, SOPs, back office, mainteA,A!nance, cleanliness of the rooms. If they see any issues, they will bring it to your attention."

Surprisingly, Roach said the intense scrutiny was not stressful.

"We stay up on our standards. It's not like we were preparing for the LOYA at the last minute. We do this year-round," he said.

The secret to the hotel's success is its employees.

"You have to consider there are a lot of people that play in winning the LOYA. My staff deserves most of the credit," Roach said. "We have the best staff in the Army, in my opinion. Winning this award proves my point."

Roach also gave credit to the support the hotel receives from the garrison's Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation directorate, FMWR marketing and the base maintenance staff.

"It's such a great resource to be able to reach out and get help," Roach added.

"We take pride in what we do," said Kenny Williams, a desk clerk who has worked at the hotel for almost four years. "We give it our all. Sure, there are tough times, but we keep our composure."

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