Bavaria temporarily halts issuing international driving licenses to DoD personnel

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- With summer fast approaching and vacations starting soon, please remember that you need an International Drivers License (IDL) to operate your vehicle outside of Germany.

To obtain an IDL in past years, all you had to do was bring a passport photo and your U.S. Army Europe Drivers License (DL) to a local German licensing office.

However, the state of Bavaria -- which is changing its license classifications -- is no longer issuing IDL's to USAREUR DL holders for now. USAREUR is aware of the situation and is working to resolve the problem.

The Bavarian government has issued this guidance to all local license offices that service Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, and Hohenfels military communities.

If you don't have an IDL, please plan for alternative transportation when taking out-of-country trips. Do not take a chance and drive without proper documentation; it could lead to severe fines and/or criminal actions.

The IDL is a translation of your USAREUR DL, which is required for all U.S. Department of Defense personnel who are on orders, fall under the Status of Forces Agreement while stationed in Germany, and wish to drive a vehicle here.

If you were to acquire an IDL through a stateside organization, such as AAA, it would be a translation of your stateside driving license, making your IDL invalid for use in Europe as all DoD personnel fall under the SOFA.

If you were just a tourist in Germany, an IDL issued by a stateside organization suffices; however, Soldiers, civilian employees and family members on orders need the USAREUR DL to be translated into the IDL here.

Page last updated Tue May 13th, 2014 at 08:06