Tripler Army Medical Center hosted Barbara Moidel, the designer of the military medicine Healthcare Resolutions Program, where she gave a presentation on best practices,beginning April 28th through April 30th.

Moidel presented on a series of disclosure seminars for Tripler staff that included how to effectively communicate when care provided does not work out as expected and the resulting impact to patient, families, providers, staff and organizations.

"It is important to effectively communicate the events that transpired, which typically is a very challenging conversation for which few providers have been trained," Moidel.

The training was open to all staff, but focused more towards licensed physicians, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers, and dentists.

In July 2001, the National Naval Medical Center was the first military medical treatment facility to establish a Healthcare Resolutions Program to provide a culture of transparency thoughout Army Medicine.

TAMC was the first site to kick-off the MEDCOM initiative to provide a culture of transparency throughout Army Medicine.

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