GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- Keeping the community safe is not just a job for our men and women in uniform. Everyone can do their part by protecting one of the most important things most of us may never think about--personal and information security.

That was the main focus of the Community Security Awareness Briefing held on April 23, at the Tower Barracks Theater.

"The information is good for the community," said Ricky Provence, current Security Specialist for USAG Bavaria and who also organized the event.

The briefing is held quarterly and its attendance is required annually for Department of the Army civilians.

There is even a separate briefing held in German for local nationals.

The briefing covers different aspects of security awareness, from knowing your surroundings and protecting classified information to being mindful of what one posts on social media.

"You can get information on someone's whole life in just a few minutes," said Provence when describing how watching what you post on social media sites is all a part of good security awareness.

Provence has been specializing in security since 2004 and mentions how with all the new forms of technology and social networking being produced he is still constantly learning new ways to lockdown information.

The awareness briefings are not required for military family members, but all are encouraged to go and for many it can be a wake-up call.

When summarizing the total purpose of the Community Security Awareness Briefing, Provence had one thing to say, "Try to enforce doing the right thing overall."

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