WIESBADEN, Germany -- As in years past, due to extended daylight hours U.S. Army Europe is conducting its annual summer night flying program for helicopters based at U.S. Army airfields in Germany.

USAREUR pilots are required to fly with night vision goggles a minimum of one hour every 60 days for safety and to maintain essential night-flying skills and readiness. This program is in full compliance with German federal military flight regulations. As in previous years, USAREUR officials will coordinate with local authorities prior to the start of this annual program.

This seasonal adjustment allows flights after midnight during the months of May and August until 1:30 a.m., and June and July until 2 a.m. on only two nights a week, between Tuesday and Friday mornings. To compensate for the late flying hours, the program requires the reduction of regular flying hours on other weekdays. Under this program, aircraft are permitted to depart airfields until midnight and, after midnight, are permitted only to land -- no practice approaches or hot refueling.

Occasionally after-hours operational flights are required to move personnel or equipment and are exempt from the program. After-hours operational flights require approval by the German Air Force office.

USAREUR is committed to respecting the laws and regulations of our German hosts and highly values our strong alliance with our German partners.


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