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The LMP Increment 2 is expected to add approximately 9,000 new users and 5,000 users with additional functionality to LMP, as it adds a wide variety of capabilities to LMP ranging from shop floor automation in the depots to support for managing Army Prepositioned Stock.

The LMP Increment 2 will provide new and expanded capabilities to achieve the Department of Defense's (DoD) Enterprise Transition Plan (ETP) objectives, and address strategic Business Transformation elements for the Army and the DoD directive for Item Unique Identification (IUID). It also will support the full spectrum of DoD and Army Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration efforts and support the alignment of applicable DoD E2E business processes.

Specifically, the LMP Increment 2 will automate the industrial base shop floor, including electronic work instructions, improved capacity planning and scheduling, support of Enterprise Equipment Master (EEM), Plant Maintenance, and IUID capability; provide expanded Ammunition (AMMO) management capability, including centralized production status reporting and extended supply network collaboration; provide expanded capability for prepositioning critical war fighting stocks in strategic locations worldwide; and provide expanded maintenance capability to workload Army installation Directorates of Logistics (DOLs) for maintenance and repair of Army Materiel Command (AMC)-owned material.

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